content title Angels Vs devil/s

content title Angels Vs devil/s


The Journalism that I'd uploaded to this Site "5/19/2016", that The Government knew, was expecting, and awaiting, with a Rich Content Nest for that input,

Provably,  an Example of that Proof , The Government's sending "Morley Safer" from what is , certainly, generally perceived to be "Earth", anyway

[though, I am, certainly, not saying that there aren't people

"in the know" with more particular knowledge Re -                                                                                                                                                             and, certainly not "Elon Musk"!],

Communicating Via :                                                                                                                                                                                            that  hell world's "Journalism" 'concluded':   May 19, 2016,


Clearing the Way for the New, The Legitimate, The Real, The True Journalism,


which, I reiterate and emphasize, that,  With Proof,  The Real Government knew that I would be keyboarding the First of this Authentic Journalism:


May 19, 2016, and was ready and waiting with a Rich, Welcoming Nest                                                                                                             Vs        "the" psychopath/s way/s: for example:  lying 'in' wait to "ambush" targets;


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 stab them [ the target,s] 'in'[(the)] back - or front - or [(both)].


The Journalism that I'd keyboarded in "5/19/2016', almost each day, since, I have added to that article;


This is Purely Natural, as this work is Mulit-Layered, Multi-Dimensional, Multi-facted, and Multi-Connected.


See, for example, the U-Q! [ Ultr-quick!] Corroboration of my Posting on June 1, 2016 Re "The Matrix Infrastructure",


And, The U-0Q! Corroboration, and Further To, Via "Coast to Coast AM", June 2, 2016 Show, with "Patty Greer" stating

that "everything is plasma"; "plasma is conscious";  "everything is conscious", which  is just another way of conveying "The Matric Infrastructure"           Vs         "Elon Musk" - and "it"'s gang - attempting to be "included".


To Emphasize:  THE TRUE Government's Theme: Succinctly:                                                                                     ANGELS                                   Vs                devil/s


I shall post the original Journalism Article that I'd Posted, 5/19/2016, and

each of the subsequent additions, in time, quick as I can.


Do bear with this nascent, in its early stages Website.




Justine Nichols, Editor




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